Buzzard Bay

by Bob Ferguson


Bob Green, down on his luck Canadian farmer, gambles on cheap property in the Bahamas to recoup his losses.  The new farming project in the Bahamas was supposed to be the opportunity of the lifetime for him and his family.  No one advertised the fact that death lurked in the background as they signed the deal.  Although he spots something not quite right, it gets swept along in the rush: his beloved Bahamas (where he and wife July spent a blissful honeymoon), the opportunity to cash in quick, what more could he ask for?  Bob Ferguson masterfully crafts a novel of gritty suspense, with compelling characters who make the plot more vivid and believable – Buzzard Bay starts with a hunted man becoming the hunter on a violent night in the Canadian winter.  Ferguson quickly establishes Bob Green as an able though not career survivalist, an All-American everyman hero who proves equal to the delirious machinations of intrigue and violence.